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Werewolf 6: The Translation

It several years ago. It is a bad harvest and there is no food.
A while back, the rain didn’t rain and the sun didn’t sun and the crops didn’t grow and the people didn’t eat.

The villager was embarrassed.
I suspect the villager was rather hungry as well as embarrassed.

Bait doesn't suffice even for the parent and child of the wolf in the forest.
So there are 3 generations of wolf living in the forest. But there is only enough food for one, so the wolf’s parent and the wolf’s child must go hungry.

Mother's wolf went down to the village to have my child eat bait.
Miami Mom’s wolf came to town so that the kid could eat some fish.

Food was found. It has eaten food hungry.
Well, these two wolves found some food. It got eaten in Hungary.

For child's wolf. When it acquires and it returns.
Now, Miami Mom’s child has a wolf, too. But when the child got the wolf, she didn’t want it after all and returned it to the Wolf Store for a refund.

It was found by the villager. Because the food that villagers put importantly had disappeared, mother's wolf was captured.
Then a villager found the child’s abandoned wolf. But some self-important villagers had left their food lying around and then were surprised when it disappeared. So they captured Miami Mom’s wolf.

The wolf hunting started after a while soon.
Once one wolf was captured, hunting wolves became the “in” thing to do, especially for teenagers who were always looking for new stuff to try.

Child's wolf went from the forest to the village as mother's wolf was worried.
The wolf the child returned, and that was found by the villager, went to the village because Miami Mom’s wolf was worried.

The wolf having been discovered by the villager had weakened because of hungry.
For some reason, this wolf was made weak by Hungarians.

Villagers are speaking of the wolf. When alive. It can eat the food of the village.
The villagers are a bunch of gossips and the wolf is as good a subject to gossip about as any. It can eat their food, but only when it’s alive (this seems rather obvious, but I guess the villagers were fairly simple-minded and this came as a big revelation to them).

The girl said to the adult in the village. Please help the wolf. Adult said. Child's wolf doesn't obtain food by own power.
The girl asked the adult to help the wolf, even though she hadn’t wanted it and had returned it to the Wolf Store. The adult told her that the wolf couldn’t feed itself.

It is likely to die sooner or later.
Again, this is fairly obvious. I mean, aren’t we all?

It says so.
Well, then it must be true.

Villagers left. The girl was relieved.
The villagers finally got tired of gossiping and left. This made the girl happy because she didn’t really like them all that much, anyway.

The wolf of the surviving child returned to the forest.
The girl was relieved to have survived the episode with the Gossiping Villagers. The wolf that she didn’t want went back to the forest.

The girl chased the wolf and went to the forest.
Even though she didn’t want it when it was given to her, losing it made her want it again, so she followed it.

My food was divided into the child wolf of hungry and it gave it.
This is complicated. You see, my food got divided. Part of it went to feed the child wolves of Hungary. The girl gave the rest to the wolf she had followed into the forest.

After that, years of the extent counted by one hand passed.
After all this had happened, about five years went by.

What happened next: The Synopsis
The energetic dog ate the ham that the Sun was dangling in front of it, leaving only the hambone and a usual paring knife for a meal. But the paring knife got put into the Grow Big Chamber and it became a Big Knife of the size that exceeds the height of the body.
The Little Boy made round slices of fruits, to which section is peculiar. So peculiar that it served as a target for a jumpy Arrow (it strolled). The Arrow got stuck in the Fruit Target. Then the BlueBird shot the arrow, which ricocheted off the Astonished Pole and popped the Balloon that was holding up a Horizontal bar, which then fell and Green Kitteh dropped to the ground.
The metal fittings, it hung on the Horizontal Bar. But now it could be used to attach the ropes together. These are the ropes that the villagers were tugging on under the direction of Coach Bear. The Hat that Coach Bear was putting it on to the head protected an Octopus that was living in a jar, so that now the Octopus could leave the jar without being harmed by the Sun’s rays.
Now that the Jar was empty, the green plant hopped right out of his pot and into the Jar, with the result that Sharp Nippers could be had. The Sharp Nippers cut the bars of the cage that was confining the Wolf (it was bred at home) and the Hunter put a leash on it.

The Final Scene: The Translation

Werewolf was not found under the rock and the wolf of a small child who was perplexed was lying on the inside.
The Werewolf that everyone thought had died last week apparently escaped, because he wasn’t under the rock. The Girl who had returned her wolf to the Wolf Store was confused about this whole “Keep it? Or return it?” conundrum. Her returned wolf was lying on the inside of the rock.

Child's wolf smelt wolf's smell. The wolf barked happily.
The wolf that was lying inside the rock smelt the smell of another wolf, and barked happily.
The girl helped by werewolf comes near to a side. Afterwards, two wolves and girls seem to have lived together happily.
It seems the Girl had been helped last week by a Werewolf so she finally made up her mind to keep the Wolf she had been given. She and her girlfriends went to live in the forest with the Wolves. Although this arrangement continues to be a subject the Gossiping Villagers just can’t get enough of, the Girls and the Wolves lived Happily Ever After.

Rescue end. Only one method.

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