Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SingALong Minoto: Werewolf 3
(to the tune of "Urgent", by Foreigner

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You got tongs, the thing is placed.
Use on the leaves, get burnt potato and then place
It on a plate for Panda Bear
Oh, how rude! Now he has fouled the air!
Take Smoke (heavy moist smoke),
And it pours rain to refresh the air
The frog is gay, because today
He’s got rain in which all frogs love to play.
He gives us a toride, where the hook has adhered,
We take it, and use it, and this is kind of weird,
It makes black liquid form in the Bees’ little place
It has viscosity that does icky sticky paste

This is Minoto, Minoto, it’s so Minoto...
Just you wait and see, how strange one story can be, it's Minoto...

A little Bear with a big ball uses the paste
To make a dark lustered ball
Which is used by Mister Blue Mouse
As ammunition for the cannon, what a louse!
He fires that cannonball at Green Kitteh
Who runs, yes he runs, very far away
Yeah, there's one thing in common that Escapers share
That's a need for screwdrivers anytime, anywhere

A Pink screwdriver, let’s use it, I think we’ll use it
On the contraption to let Fox go free, ooh-oooh, let’s take his shovel
And get the active mole (who could not escape his hole here in Minoto)

BEST Saxophone solo EVER in the history of the World!!!
Performed by Junior Walker (must be played at full volume)

Mole runs the forklift, to release the Raccoon who
Runs off leaving a cage door, lattice ani with plastron… Now be quick
Cover Mole hole with lattice and cover that with some dirt and then
Little werewolf scares the people, those villagers…
It got caught in the trap and it fainted away, saving life Minoto style!

ooh-oooh, ooh-oooh ooh-oooh Minoto!
We love you!

Song Fact: The group wanted a "Junior Walker-style" sax solo for this record. When they took a break from recording, one of the members read in New York newspaper The Village Voice that Walker was performing that night mere blocks from the recording studio. Walker accepted their offer to play, and the recording of the sax solo was swift and without a hitch.

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