Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Werewolf 2 SingALong

To the tune of "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon (even though the original lyrics are as strange as Minoto, imho)

Click here for a video of the song

I saw kangaroo sitting in the corner of a boxing ring
Sleepin on his chair with a key on the floor
So I took the key and used it on a Small Grey Box
Lying there while Blue Mouse jumped up and down

Aaahoo, Boxer of the legend
Aaahoo, patronized the glove

The kangaroo punch drawn out is a superpower
Ya better believe it man
The repulsion power of the Spring is strong my friend
Blue mouse is airborn again

Aaahoo, Pick up the Shovel
Aaahoo, a usual Shovel

(guitar solo)

Use that shovel on the snow,
To free Yeti who you know
Lately has been unconfirmed, but who cares?
Yeti’s strong enough to pull
Defribrillator from the hole
Huh, now Frankenstein has risen

Aaahoo, Special Tool to tickle
Aaahoo, Frankie’s now one-handed

Use the Tool to laugh on Kong who is King
Down falls a Cross off from his house
The green construction-working dog will cause a scene
and make Stuffing to bury something
Put the Stopping on the fountain until it’s fixed
And go get the Sharp Sickle!

Aaahoo, Werewolf is scared off now
Girl End!

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