Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who's on first?

(a typical day in the Comments box)

Who: first!

What: whoopee, first!

I don't know: first for the first time! Yay!

Abbott: wait a minute, Who's on first!

I don't know: What? I thought I was first.

Abbott: No, Who is first. What is second.

What: OK, got it. I'm second. Who's first.

Costello: @ What, I don't know.

Abbott: @Costello, you're mixing up the first with the third. Who's first. Third: I don't know.

Costello: @Abbott, if you don't know, just let it drop. What's the point, anyway?

Abbott: @Costello, I know the order, but I didn't know What's the point. What was second.

Costello: @ Abbott, that's exactly what I've been asking you! Who was first? Who was second? Who was third?

Who: no, I was just first. What was second.


I don't know: tell u what, Costello? What's the question?

Abbott: no What's second.

Costello: I don't know.

I don't know: What?

What: Yes?

Who: and OUT!

Abbott: Who's the first out!

Costello: Who is.

Abbott: That's what I just said!

Costello: Oh, for crying out loud. I give up!

I give up: What? I'm still here!

What: OK, I give up.

I don't know: What, are you giving up?

What: I'm not giving up, Costello is.

I give up: no, that's me. Costello quit, I think. I don't know why.

Why: I'm here! Who was first?

I give up: How did you know that?

Why: What?

What: Yes?

Sadly, this went on for more than 1600 comments. Some say the posts continue even today. At least we know Who escaped the room.


  1. Hahahahaha.....hahahahahha....ROFL....thanks ZOZ for the laughing!!! stomach pain from you came up on this!!!


    ...because its actually not far from the truth.

    awesome blog entry :D

  3. Hi zoz! I just went through all of your posts for like the tenth time. When I'm bored and there are no new games to play, this works as an excellent substitute :D
    You are a great writing artist and observer, and manage to capture the true spirit of the escape games, and the confusing thoughts of us escapaholics...LOL! I love playing live games with you, and I look forward to your next post...Thank you!!

  4. hahahahahahahahahaha
    zoz you're the funniest escapaholic blogger on earth (i hear you asking me: do you know any other one, my DEAR j@de?)
    i missed you sooooooooooooooooo much and i missed your hilarious posts.
    hope to see you soon on a new live game!

  5. That is absolutely classic!!! :D