Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nimoto Schminoto

You are in a room with a raccoon (?!) and a small japanese man with a baker's cap.
Leave this room!!! (just follow that arrow hovering up in the air in the right corner)

Naturally, leaving the room leads you to a field with trees in the background.
A fox seems to be doing laundry.
You click on the laundry. It is cloth of the clean now. It has wet.
Take it with you anyway. The fox seemed more than happy to be relieved of it.
Note the pond with the duck.

Now follow the arrow hovering over the pond on the right.
Naturally, leaving the field puts you in a kitchen. There is a table, but no chair.
On the table is a bowl with something on it.
Click on the bowl. It is the bowl of roundness. Click on the item inside of the bowl of roundness.
! Now you have the fruit! It is red and it has goodness food in the inside!
Your bowl is now the bowl of roundness where is nothing on the inside too.
Leave the table and notice the bird in the cage behind it.
You want to release the bird, but it seems the cage is locked.

Go back to the first room. Give the wet cloth to the man with the baker's cap.
He puts the cloth in the oven for you and when he takes it out it is the cloth without water of the warm warm.
Leave the room and go through the field and the kitchen to arrive at (naturally)
The railroad station!

At the railroad station, you see a little girl who looks cold (tipoff: she's blue).
Give the girl the cloth without water of the warm warm. Now she is pink!
She give you a butcher's knife as thanks. (note to self: beware of little girls in train stations from now on).

Leave the station and go back to the field. Give the bowl of roundness where there is nothing on the inside to the fox.
The fox takes the bowl to the pond and it is now the bowl that is water.

Cut the fruit with the butcher's knife.
Now you have the fruit that eats well and, surprise!, a worm! It is creature of the dirt and good garden.
Give the fruit to the duck in the pond. The duck eats the fruit and gives you something.
It is a fish and it wants to swim. Put the fish in the bowl of roundness that is water.
The fish is so grateful that he gives you something that he must have swallowed while in the pond.
It is a key and it is metal and it is gold.

Take the key to the kitchen and unlock the birdcage. Give the bird the worm.
Watch the bird fly away with the worm.
Notice the bird dropped something as it left. No, not that! The other thing.
It is seeming a hat of a feather.

Return to the first room, and give the hat with the feather in it to the raccoon.
The raccoon dons the hat and becomes a little prince! The little prince runs hopping from the room.

Before you can say fox washer duck fruiter fish spitter bird hatter baker man
you are back in the railroad station.
The prince and the little girl, who is now a princess, leave on the train.
The fox and the duck and the bird and the baker all wave and look delighted. The fish swims in a fountain.
The worm is nowhere to be found.

It is the Raccoon Prince end. Only one method.

The couple of happiness have travel and they are happy.
It is a ticket for one way.
It is ride on magnificent train.


  1. keep surprising me!! great...just great, what more can I say...:))

  2. Amazing!! ROFL!!! I saw it just now, and that was truly a pleasant break from refreshing the never-changing game site! No need for you to wait for SneakSnake to write the SpecialThroughs for Minoto, the two of you can share that task from now on:D I love your humour...LOL!!

  3. wonderful
    loved the "naturally" parts haha, and the translations and everything..
    you have a lively imagination zoz
    thumbs up, i found it better than last tusday LOST episode! (believe me, coming from me that's a huge compliment :)

  4. jade!!!!! I've missed you! are you still getting married?

  5. I begin to suspect that Zoz secretly designs the Minoto games!

    And off topic (if that is allowed here)
    j@de! Hi! I hope all is well with you :)

  6. J@de!! it is good to see you here! Hope you are doing fine! huuggss!! :))

  7. hahaha zoz! i invaded your blog!
    i'm still getting married yes, it will be next july, i hope you already got your giant screwdriver disguise :D
    hi kitkatfox and alkmar! i missed you all guys.
    i'm fine, i just nearly got my tonsils out, but thank god i canceled!
    i'm glad i made zoz comment her own blog!

  8. @j@de, I just have to figure out whether to be a Phillips head or a flathead screwdriver!

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  10. may i suggest you have pants that look like a phillips head SD on one side and a flat head SD on the other side, that way you can do both just like in the last tesshi game, and just in case you needed to escape my wedding, you'll be well armed with a double headed SD. And if PBM crashes at the wedding wearing his short tuxuedo, we may all need to escape my wedding! EVEN ME!

  11. hahahahaha..@jade, you dont have lost your humor!!! ;-)