Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Zen of Escape Games

To reach your inner Escape Gamer, it is incidental to contemplate this wisdoms:

[just remember this important what: it is good to enjoy it refreshingly in a short time.]

What is not found!

This is a game with only a simple, simple mystery.

It is a purpose to escape from the room.

It is an easy game. However, it is necessary to enjoy it as training of the brain.

With cheap English.

You will click a doubtful point on a screen.

In a certain place, the pasted thing is possible.

You suddenly noticed: There was a door in the wall in the presence.

What will steering wheel?

Torn note: the way things are going, it will not be possible.

There is natural water in the can.

Eggs that can be delicious when eaten.

Let’s return to professional life because it was possible to refresh it.

It seems to be concealed the extra key somewhere.

The height cannot be achieved to get the key.

It is possible to use it by this:

Dying flower: it is a flower without vigor for a moment.

Wet paper: it is drawn and it is wet and doesn’t understand.

Hammer: let’s destroy the place that seems to break beat.

Tape of rubber: Tape that can be done by rubber. Cohesiveness is high.

Fire extinguisher: because the extinction medicine dashes out when using it, it takes care.

It has become hot in seeming finally the summer it recently.

The attemperation of the room and outdoor is difficult.

Please change the angle of the roof if electricity is insufficient and give to it for the sun.

Fortunately, you obtain the tool.

You can use it by selecting it if you have the tool.

You heard the sound that something opens.

Congratulations! You solved various mysteries of the room and were able to walk out of the room.

Especially, there is no doubtful point.

Special thanks to kadylady and PBM for contributing to this important piece of philosophical literature.


  1. Hey zoz,
    Very funny!!! Thanks! Bell Pepper and Lotus Room from Sakura have really funny opening stories! I especially remember Bell Pepper, because I never thought it would be delicious to eat ice on a cold day!!
    I remember you from the Rain game with Truus! The music still haunts me!!!

  2. Those games always make me smile. It doesn't matter what my day is like. The translations are precious!

  3. Something opens...You solved various mysteries of the room, and were able to walk out of the room. And, you got all Cake.
    You ate Cake.

    I loved this post, zoz!