Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rutabaga Escape 23 Walkthrough

by zoz


-Facing the door, look down at the small rug.

-Wipe your feet, this is a very clean and shiny room and it didn’t get that way by letting dirty-footed gamers like you tromp through it!  For that matter, just take your shoes off and leave them by the door.  Sheesh.

-As you bend to place your shoes on the floor to the right of the door, notice that a small yellow key is resting on the hinge.  Take the key.

-To the left of the door is a small table.  It is made of beautiful wood with a lovely grain and polished to a high sheen.  A stunning porcelain vase sits atop the table. There is also a drawer.

-Open the drawer and take the Rutabaga.  Yes, it’s a Rutabaga and yes, we all know that you don’t like Rutabaga, but there are gamers starving in cyberspace so you should be grateful!  And just be glad we didn’t slip pickled beets in there, instead.

-Turn left.

-There is a modern low couch in spotless white fabric directly in front of you (obviously not a very “pet-friendly” home).  Look under the couch and take the stick and note that it has a hook on the end.  And don’t get your grimy hands on that white fabric!

-Peer around the left side of the couch and take the Rutabaga.  Yes, another one, just pick it up already.

-To the right of the couch, in the corner, is a potted plant that is quite tall.  Look behind the plant on the floor and take the paper.  The paper is soft green in color.  Very nice.

-Unfold the paper and look at the writing on it.  It reads


You have absolutely no idea what it means.  You just hope it’s not something like “eat your Rutabaga!”

-To the left of the couch is a console with three cabinet doors at the base.  The console is made of a beautiful blond wood, maybe ash.

Each door has a keyhole.  The keyholes are, from left to right, red, blue, and yellow.

-Well???  Don’t just stand there scratching your head; put the yellow key in the yellow keyhole! 

- Open the cabinet and take the cutter. 

- We must say, you’re doing an admirable job at using your hands while holding a note, a cutter, and two Rutabagas.  Hope you can handle some more items, because you’re gonna be getting them.

-On the top of the console is a small box.  Go closer and look at the top of the box.  It’s a slider puzzle, your favorite (ha ha)!  Since you have no idea what the final image should be, leave the slider puzzle for now.

- Back up and admire the modern artwork that hangs over the couch.

-Stand on your head and notice that from this perspective the artwork resembles a map of a scene from a room.  Hold on to that image.

 -Stand up and turn left.

- You are facing a wall with a tall cabinet on the left, made of mahogany with satin finish steel handles.  To the right of the cabinet is a low armchair, upholstered in a mustard colored fabric with a subtle diamond texture.  Above the chair to the right there is a clock on the wall.  The clock is set to 2:35. 

-Look behind the chair on the left and take the Rutabaga.  Yes, we know, you’re up to three Rutabagas, now.  So?

- Look at the clock more closely and notice that it is held in place with screws.  That seems rather unusual.

-Look at the cabinet and open the doors.  The inside of the cabinet is divided into two sections, with several empty hangers on a rod on the left and drawers on the right.  One of the drawers has a code box on the front set to four zeros. The other drawers are empty.

-Back up and turn left. There is a low bookcase holding several books on the right of the first shelf along with a small vase.  Look inside the second book from the left.  It will open to only one page.  The owners of this place are obviously not big readers.  Anyway, on the page you see this:

Google translate :  time is upside down

You are thankful that this is in English, even though it makes no sense.

-To the left of the bookcase is a simple desk with an open laptop on it. There is a matching chair.  The desk and the chair are made of the same beautiful blond ash wood that the console is made of.

-Move closer to the computer and see that it asks for a password.

-Type “agabatuR” and hit “enter”.

-You’re in!  Click on the internet icon on the screen, which takes you to Google translate.  Hmmm.  Wonder why that is?

-Ok, genius, type in “time is upside down” and translate from English to Japanese.  Does the translation look familiar?  No?  Well, look at the note you picked up earlier.  Now do you get it?  Do we have to spell everything out to you???

-So, time is upside down.  Seems to be a clue.  The clock reads 2:35. Now think.  If you stand on your head in front of the clock what would it look like?  Yes, go to the clock and do it.  Just do it.

-Looks like 8:05, doesn’t it?  Maybe this could be useful as some sort of code.  But where?

-Go to the cabinet.  The beautiful tall mahogany cabinet.  Open the door and look at the code box.  Enter 0805.  Nothing.  Oh, got it!  It’s 8:05 p.m. so that would be 20:05 hours!  Enter 2005.  Bingo! The drawer opens and inside is…………. A SCREWDRIVER!!!!!!!

-Take a moment to admire and covet your screwdriver.  Go ahead, we’ll wait.

-Ok, that’s enough.

-Go to the clock and use the screwdriver to remove the clock from the wall.  There is an alcove on the wall where the clock was and in that alcove is a hammer.  The hammer is fastened down with wire and you can’t get it.

-Use your cutters to cut the wire. (Doh!)  Take the hammer.

-Think about the artwork over the couch and what it looked like when you stood on your head.  It looked a lot like a map of the wall with the cabinet and the chair and the clock, but it had an X beside the cabinet.  Let’s see…

-Use the hammer on the wall by the cabinet, at the spot where the X should be.  Oh, you’re in trouble now.  You put a hole in the wall!  But since it’s there, we might as well look in it.

-Look in the hole.  There is a small wooden box with an odd design on top made with inlaid abalone shell.

- Go back to the console beside the couch and look at the box with the slider puzzle.  Mess around with the puzzle until you copy the design that is on the wooden box.  Take your time.  Yes, we know you hate slider puzzles.  Yet you keep coming to these rooms that require you to solve a slider puzzle in order to escape.  Don’t you now?  So stop whining and finish the puzzle.

-There, you’ve got it.  Open the slider puzzle box and take the blue key.

-Use the blue key on the blue keyhole on the middle cabinet door.

-The anticipation is killing you, isn’t it?

-Open the door and take …………the Rutabaga!  Ha ha ha!  You thought you were going to find something like the code to the main door!  But you got another Rutabaga!  Oh, we do love a good joke.

-But where is the red key?  There should be a red key here somewhere.

-Step back to view the console, couch, artwork, and plant.  There’s something about that plant.  It’s as if the leaves are arrows pointing upward.

-Go in for a close view of the plant, and then look up.  There, hanging on a small hook, is a small red key.  But you can’t reach it.

-Take the stick with a hook on the end that you found earlier under the couch.  Use this stick to retrieve the red key.

-Alright, we’re in business now!  Go to the console and use the red key on the red keyhole. 

-Open the cabinet door.

-Remove the leather-bound book with gilt-edged pages.  This must be a very valuable book.  Open it carefully.  The first page is blank.  Turn the page. Blank again.  Turn again.  And again and again and…  Finally, after 23 pages, there is a diagram. It is a diagram of a clock with an arrow pointing upwards.

-Go to the main door and look at the code panel.  There are four zeros and the door is locked.

-What’s that?  You think you need to find another Rutabaga?  We thought you hated Rutabaga!  Ok, ok, go look around for a fifth and final Rutabaga if it will make you happy.  Weirdo.

-You still have the cutter in your inventory of tricks and tools, so head for that beautiful and very expensive couch.

-Slash the couch cushions!  Slash them again!  Keep going until the couch is essentially gutted and then take your prize.  Yes, a Rutabaga lies within the couch cushion.  Your fifth Rutabaga.  Your Perfect Rutabaga. (funny how spending so much time locked in a room trying to escape will change your view of Rutabagas, isn’t it?).

-Now, go to the door and enter 0235, the time on the clock when it is right side up.  The clue from the leather bound book.  Can you not figure anything out for yourself?

-Open the door.

-Walk out of the room.

-A voice whispers “Perfect End” in your ear.  And “You have pasta with Rutabaga”. You smile, and set off to look for another place to break into so you can escape. Life is good.


  1. I don't know what arutabaga is,but I know I read your story in one breath! Great!!!

  2. that was an angry walkthrough lol, maybe the room's owner wrote it lol
    that was nice and very funny as always
    thank you
    alkmar rutabaga is turnip, in french navet, and in greek it gave me something like this
    good luck