Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Klickety Klick with Karla!

Welcome!  To play this game, just find 10 one-dollar bills!
[open screen]
[screen is completely black]
What's that you say?  The game isn't loading?  Oh, nononono [laughter] it's supposed to be a black screen.
Oh, but yes, it's fun!  Just click on the screen until 10 one-dollar bills appear in your inventory at the top of the screen.
And don't forget to click on "esacap" when you've gotten them all!
[some grumbling]
Oops!  Forgot to mention this: you have to find 12 playing cards also.
So, Gametime! 
OK, it's like this: you get 10 one-dollar bills and 12 playing cards and 20 magnetic stripe cards, all in total darkness!
What could possibly be more fun?!
[zzst zzst zzst]
I don't actually know what a root canal is, but I bet it's not more fun than this!
[rrrrggg rrrrggg rrrrggg]
Oh, you're funny!  Being tied down in the desert on a hill of fireants after you've been covered with honey!  What a picture that would be, ha ha!
But, getting back to this game, you really just find 10 one-dollar bills and 12 playing cards and 20 magnetic stripe cards and letters of the alphabet that spell out "Hell's Dollhouse". 
 Oh, dear, I keep forgetting to mention that the letters of the alphabet are printed in invisible ink!
[sound of rifle being loaded and cocked]
Ok, then, Good luck and Have fun!!!!

this game brought to you by the International Headache Remedy Manufacturers Association


  1. lmao zoz, did I say rutabaga room escape walkthrough was angry?? correct myself, it was a happy spring day compared to this,
    yeah I admit karla's games were more fun at the beginning, and now they're becoming much harder (harder is not the word maybe, let's say impossible) but I still play them and you can't imagine how happy I am when I hunt a pixel (and when I say pixel, I literally mean it :)

    I wonder what would karla comment on that, she sure will lol, and maybe improve her games so they would become more possible to solve..

    thank you zoz

  2. Hi, zoz! I miss you on eg24. I hope it's just a misencoutering or something and that you are OK.
    Keep allowing your feelings to flow freely... Lol! I mean it! These Karla games are loosing by two heads for text adventures! By the way, have you ever played one? It's really fun! The best part: no pixel hunt!
    My best wishes and, please, keep it coming! :)

  3. OK, I meant "misencountering"... (Let me keep the habit of correcting myself when possible to make the pixel hunt less painful.)
    Give your "children" huge kisses of freedom for me! :)

  4. Happy birthday to you, and a long, happy and healthy life for you and your family and all your friends! Have a nice day!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!
    I'm so glad to have "heard" from you! (Saw your comments on a recent game.)
    I wish all the things you want for yourself to come true!
    The world needs more people like you! I mean it, with all my heart!

  6. @alkmar and feline: I'm truly touched by your comments. It's strange to feel such warmth and friendship from "cyberfriends" I may never see in person, but the warmth and friendship feel real nonetheless and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And that goes for j@de and tangoboy and, and... all of you (you know who you are :o)