Saturday, May 9, 2009

Escape Gamers Anonymous

Meeting of May 9, 2009


Hi, my name is zoz and I’m an Escapeaholic”.

“Hi, zoz”.  “Hey, zoz”, “Bonjour, zoz”, “Hallo, zoz”, “G’day, zoz, you old corker!”, “Ola, zoz”, “@zoz, hello!!!”, “こんにちは, zoz!”, “مرحبا, zoz”, “γεια σου!, zoz”.   And on it went.  For about twelve minutes, actually. I never knew there were so many Escape Game Addicts in the world. And all of them tuned in to, our "dealer", if you will.  The one that offers a couple of cute Escape Games and gets us hooked.  Hooked to the point that we’ll even play 123bug games day after day after day, complaining all the while.  But I digress.  Back to the meeting.    

My last escape game was this morning at 3:47 a.m. (09:47 Greenwich Mean Time)”.  I play sometimes in the wee hours of the morning so I can catch a live game and converse with my new cyberfriends.  Cyberfriends who, let’s face it, could be serial killers for all I know.   Um, there aren’t any serial killers here are there?”.  Cybersilence.  I was just kidding, lol!:}”.  I don’t want to make any of them angry, just in case, you know.  I was playing ‘Escape the Cruise Ship’ and it was a really good one.  You know, where you go through multiple rooms and have all sorts of novel puzzles to solve, and collect all sorts of screwdrivers and wrenches and cutters and torches and…  I realize I got carried away.  I should be trying to turn away from these games, not obsessing over them.  Before I could post again, the Escape Gamers Anonymous Blog  was flooded with comments.  So many that the server almost went down.  Comments like “Ooh, ya, I played that one, too.  It was GREAT! I didn’t join the discussion though, I just followed all the online posts to get me through.”  And, “Yessss, could you believe that one puzzle with the encrypted clues where you had to Google Morse Code to figure it out?”, and “Nooooooooooooo, I missed a live game?”, and so on.  One post even read, “comment deleted by blog administrator”.  Probably one of those creepy spammers that lurk in the wings. 

It was at this point that I had a revelation.  I can’t quit, even with the help of Escape Gamers Anonymous.  And neither, I suspect, can any of my comrades who worship at the alter of  We will keep playing 123bug games, even though we profess to hate them!  We will continue to search for magnetic stripe cards and GirlsDollhouse letters, even though most of them are completely invisible and frustratingly hard to find!  We shall go on playing games that aren’t even “real” Escape Games, just because they are there and we must get to the end (preferably, the Good End)!  We will continue to play games that are full of clues in Japanese, even though we don’t understand a single word of Japanese!  Yes, we will even play “Find the Numbers” and “Spot the Differences” (although we won’t admit that to our offline friends)!  And we will still be incredibly excited by being “first! Woohoo!” at a live game. Yes, we are the Escape Gamers of the World, and WE WILL ESCAPE!!!

         I’ve almost forgotten about the meeting. For my final post, I write, “um, gotta go now cuz there’s a new, gam, er, tv show I have to watch.  The replies from around the globe are instant and unanimous: “yeah, sure, zoz, ROTFLMAO.  CU@the game ;D”


  1. Hi zoz!!
    Cool post I see here!
    Maybe you have never realized my presence in EG24 chat room, but I play all games posted, and I always see you there.
    I consider myself an addicted escape gamer, like a lot of other cyber friends.
    So many times I went to bed thinking how did they work that password out if besides the explanation, it makes no sense!!?
    So many times I typed same questions:
    Where´s the screwdriver? or stick or crowbar, and so on... and wait anxiously for a reply.
    My last game was Escape from Dream Room 6, yesterday and I spent 1 hour just trying to find a wire at the wall.
    I like Sakura games cos I know I´ll find a lot of things behind or under furniture.
    I hate 123 bug games as well but no way to ignore them.
    At last I think we have to thanks Shuchun and Megi Poland, the best game hunters on earth.
    Bye, and have a nice time!

    PS: My name is Henrique, from Brazil

  2. Woo-hoo! Hey, @zoz, is this Escape Gamers Anonymous Meeting some kind of Addicted Recovering Center or something?
    Because, you see, if it is, can you please tell me where the meetings take place? So I can stay the heck away from it! Lol! I'm beyond recovery!
    Keep writing! Pleeease! (I think we are getting addicted to reading your stories in between games...)

  3. feline is so right about us becoming addicted to your blogs, I'm even a follower now if you noticed, lol, there's a comment in EG24 in toys escape post I think, the guy couldn't get his game loaded and he's yelling: "let me in so I can escape" lol that was so funny and described very sensibly an escape gamer's mind, maybe we're crazy to so want to go in a room just to escape it..

    wonderful post
    keep writing

  4. Hi zoz,
    I was boring a little,than I was thinking about your blog.And I say to myself:he,let see,maybe zoz wrote something nice again on her blog. well,you just did. Again it was great to read it.The greatings are also funny from all the countries.Only the one from Greece must be:Yassou,zoz!. Now it says: akousete,and that means: listening.But this is really not a problem!!! i hope we can read many more stories from you!!
    greetings from holland.

  5. thanks for the translation alkmar! (it's all Greek to me). I think I've corrected it, but please let me know if it's still wrong.

  6. zoz,you must become a teacher in language! You corrected perfect! My husband is fom greece,that's why I have learned this language.
    It is still great to see,there are so people from different countries, who are playing the escapes. Sorry for my english,the greek and dutch is much easier for me!
    See you!!

  7. that was another great blog zoz and you know what...its true we will certainly keep on playing all the silly buggy games no matter how bad we find them because we are ecapeaholics=)

  8. ok then I'll fix the arabic part as alkmar did the greek, it should be
    zoz مرحبا
    if you want your nick in arabic too it would be this زوز
    I'll read your newest post later
    I really miss a live game with yall

  9. and thank you, jade. I hope I got it right (I cut and pasted).
    Meanwhile, get ready for another angry post - I've been playing Karla games >:o{{{

  10. Hi @zoz,
    You invited me to your blog and here I am.
    You're truly an escapeaholic; Almost everything is about escape games, but I do like it. It's really funny.
    You also asked me (suggested) to write a version of the Zen of Escape Games. Well, I could try, but it's your blog (but feel free to copy anything you want from my comments on the EG24 site) and I really doubt if I could add something interesting or funny.
    And there is more; I'm not good with computers and the Internet etc. so I don't know how. And besides that I'm not a native English speaker (just a Dumb Dutch Dude), so my English is very poorly. And there you go; don't even know if it is poor or poorly.
    But anyway, give me a hint what you want and I will try.

    ps. I did notice you're interested in Oliver Sacks. Tell me more about that. I'm really into that stuff (brains, psychology, etc.) and things related to that like philosophy.

  11. are truly an original ;) abbott and costello could have learned from you :D i am hopelessly addicted to games in almost all genre', and when accompanied by your hysterical and very clever blogs, new meaning to *rofl*..... ;) love your humour...will continue to read your blogs as long as you continue to create rock!!!!!

  12. aw, shucks, you guys are too kind. SneakSnake, if I can create a blog then trust me, anyone can. Just follow along the instructions on the site you created. And don't be telling me you're a "dumb dutch dude" with limited English skills after that brilliant Minoto walkthrough! That should be the first entry on your blog!
    As for Oliver Sacks, email me at

    @Irish, I always thought you lived in Ireland, not California, lmao!
    What did you do in hospitals? Send me a fb message (I've been off fb for a while but will check in now and then)

  13. Hi @zoz!
    Since SneakSnake haven't created a blog yet I decided that I should try it, to save some of the marvellous walkthroughs written now there is a "Walkthrough Museum"...LOL!