Thursday, December 30, 2010

T'was the Day of Minoto

T’was the day of Minoto and here, in my house
I sat watching my laptop, caressing the mouse.
My pencil was sharpened, the paper was where
I could reach it as soon as Minoto was there.
I should have been thinking of house chores; instead,
I let visions of Minoto swirl in my head.
As I stared at the screen that was there in my lap,
I nodded a little, just for a brief nap.

When out of the screen there arose such a clatter
I roused from my nap to see what was the matter.
I jumped and the laptop fell down with a crash
And all of Minoto spilled out in a flash!
The light of the laptop became a faint glow
That shone on the creatures that scampered below.
And what to my wondering eyes should appear
But the newest Minoto, and live! And right here!

Yes, there in my room was a scene that I knew
Could only have come from Minoto. It’s true!
The little Pink Mousy was goading the tot
Who brandished a weapon while blindfolded, not
A good thing for the Green Kitteh, paws in the air,
Who desperately hoped for some help from somewhere.
As I looked at the key, I knew just what to do.
I picked up that key and looked right for more clues.

The key (it is key) could be used on a chest
Where a waste water pump had been having a rest.
So I picked up the pump and, again, I moved right.
And opened a locker and got a big fright!
A yellow amorphous big monster was stuck
In the locker and couldn’t get out! Oh, what luck!
So I moved to the right yet again and I found
A pink claw-footed tub and a grate on the ground.

And some flowers that bloomed in a pool that was round.
And the waste water pump sucked the waste water down
From the tub, thus revealing a giant Megaphone.
And I knew that, for now, I should leave it alone.
So rightward I went on my ongoing quest
To solve these strange riddles, and thus pass this test
To figure out why all these characters were
In my house doing things that were causing a stir.

And there on my floor was a table and box
The box was a gift that was locked with a lock.
And by this small table a Pink Bunny stood,
As he looked at the mess on the floor. Oh, not good!
So back to the first scene I ran and I gave
The Pink Mouse the Megaphone so she could save
The Green Kitteh from gun-wielding Baby who shot
At the Pink Mouse, but this Baby’s bullet did not

Harm the Mouse. Not this “bullet”, it couldn’t do harm.
It was dieting medicine from the Fat Farm.
When it’s swallowed the excess fat can be consumed.
I know just who can use this! That monster entombed
In the locker. I’ll give it to him, and I do.
Well, wonder of wonders, that Monster turns to
The little plump sun who runs off (yes, he must)
But he leaves me a broom to clean up all the dust.

As the broom clears the mess by the table I see
Underneath all the clutter, there lies a small key!
Now this key is designed to be used from afar.
As a remote control on the door of a car.
So I use it and open the car door and see
On the driver’s seat there is a driver for me!
I know just where to use it, yes I’ll use it for
Unscrewing the screws that held grate to the floor.

So I do and I find a black cord that I know
Is a cord through which electricity can flow.
Now quickly I take the cord back to the wall
Where there’s a wall-socket right there amidst all
The creatures and all the devices I know
Have all come here from the land of Minoto.
I plug in the cord then remove all the screws
Then I go to the right where the green plant has used

Wrapping paper to make a quite stylish chapeau
Which he gives to me after I clear all the snow.
The Paper now holds a quite lovely Bouquet
Of flowers that lived in the round pool where they
Concealed the chip that fit the big green machine
That moved the chess pieces, the knights and the queens
And the Blue Horse of Chess, with it’s simple smooth shape
That perfectly fit the gift package so tape

Was removed by the Pink Bunny who, with aplomb,
Tore open the gift box and then pulled out a bomb!
Oh, no, this can’t happen, not here in my house!
“You must leave at once!”, I exclaimed as Blue Mouse
Looked at me and he winked and then gave a soft whistle
And away they all went like the down of a thistle.
And at that I awoke. Was this all just a dream?
Were the characters here doing things as they seemed?

As I pondered these questions, my screen caught my eye
And the Pink Bunny winked and then waved his goodbye!
And I heard voices say, as he faded from sight,
Merry Christmas to all from Minoto! Good night!

Flowers to MegiPoland and to Shuchun and, yes, even to Yalcin! Thanks to you all for all the great games!

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