Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monkey and Secret Army 6
Minoto Meets Dr. Seuss

“I am not criminal” said she
“I’m just a juice-head, don’t you see?”
Boy Monkey answered “Is it true?”
“Then oh, such fun things we will do!”

“But ‘ere we set out on a lark
Let’s find the crook, he’s in the park!”
(Apparently, they did not see
The Crab of such enormity

Who just behind them clapped his claw,
While Monkey Girl just sipped her straw).
I took a key. A key I took.
And it is key, it is! I looked!

I used that key upon a lock,
A lock that locked a big grey box.
I opened it and took a look.
What did I see? I saw a hook!

A Safety Hook with one big crook.
Construction Pup will use this Hook
To sort through old junk, big and small,
And extract an enormous Ball.

“Air Cleaner” that will clean the air
Of particle and smell, but where
Could this Air Cleaner clean the air?
Why near the Sun, right there! That’s where!

The Sun is plump. The Sun is fat.
The Sun is so plump and fat that
It needs a rest, so down it sat.
And so it sits, and that is that.

It sits upon the Weighing Thing.
The Weighing Thing then pops a spring!
And then this Weighing Thing does fling
A Bar with metal glistening

In rays of Sun so plump, so fat.
(But that’s enough, we’re done with that.
We really shouldn’t make such fun
Of Anti-anorexic Sun).

But this Air Cleaner is not done
Oh no, it must go save the one
Who dresses like a Pirate, he
Who once was caught, but now he’s free!

From stogie puffing Moai-Head
That Head that fills us all with dread
Who solemnly just sits and waits
For what, you ask? Why, for his fate.

I use the Bar to move the Rock
The Rock that the big Cave did block
The Rock I moved out of the way
So Mr. Bear could come and lay

In his snug Rock, his big Bear Lair.
He left the tree just standing there
And Bee who hovered in the air
Dropped a splinter right down where

It sat with durability,
This splinter that came from the Bee,
And had six sides, six sides we’re told
To fill a six side slotted hole.

Meanwhile, I found an Angel who
Said Turtle helped her, yes it’s true.
This Angel had a broken jar
And she’d been searching near and far

To find a plug that has six sides
A hexagon that smoothly slides
Into the six-side slotted hole
That mars her jar, and make it whole.

Part two (of two) now continues

Now Pirate Boy hops on the Ship,
The Ship that floats in its Ship Slip,
And brings a Barrel out so we
Can use the Bar to set it free

Within the barrel lies a Box
A Box that tightly tied string locks
Oh ho, but this string will not stay
For Crab with Claws cuts it away!

Inside the box, that had the string
Is Medicine for eyes that sting
I wonder who’d need such a thing
As drops to end eye-suffering?

Not Mr. Bear, no he’s OK
Not plump fat Sun, oh no, no way
Not stogie smoking Large Stone Head
And Angel has blue eyes, not red.

Let’s give those drops to someone who
Can really use them, and will do
Most anything we ask them to
If we make his poor red eyes blue

The Mountain sheds such tears of joy
They fill the Angel’s jar, oh boy!
They make it Holy (not with holes!)
So she can cleanse the Turtle’s Soul,

Because the Turtle helped her when
She needed help, he was her friend.
And then the Monkey Boy appeared,
Speaking words that were so weird.

Even in Minoto Land
We usually can understand
The gist of what is written here
But not today, not me, I fear!

“When you expect the answer from”
The Monkey says, while Turtle hums
“the meaning to which you have the
signboard of the park” and then he

Asks Turtle if he is a crook.
And then implies Police will book
The Turtle in the jail if he
Does not speak Truth, and truthfully.

The Turtle said the reason then.
And what that reason was, my friends,
Was that he could not easily
Play in the park, and that’s why he

Renamed the park with his own name.
He called it “Turtle Park” and claimed
That his acts came from innocence.
He did not mean to give offense.

And so another episode
Comes to a close in Minoto
Until next week, it seems, my friends
This story’s done, this is THE END!

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