Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monkey and Sniper 3 SingALong
To the tune of "A Day in The Life" by the Beatles

I played a game today oh boy
About a crab encircled by police
And though Ape Herr was not around
Well I just had to laugh
Big Crabs can be so daft
The Crab demanded naming rights
And management right of the park as well
A crowd of police stood and stared
They'd seen his face before
Nobody was really sure
If woman Ape’s life could be saved

I saw a film today oh boy
The police might have to choose last resort
Uncle Combover ricocheted
Strange bottle at his feet
Eyes that look like threes
Minoto turns us on

Took key, opened a box,
That had formerly been locked
Got a small wheel and a withering tire,
And used the pump while mouse kept jumping higher.
Put the wheels on chipmunk’s ride
So he easily could glide
To his friend who had been waiting there,
Leaving me the shoes where it can dash

I gave the shoes to little sun
Who wore a helmut while he had his fun
He knocked the log off of the tree
So I could take it to
Police sniper Fox who guarded the big pencil grinding box
It became sharp ahead

The pencil staked a string so She
Could help the yellow chick to cross the road
Knocking a small jar to the ground
I was some Medicine
That causes growth to End.
I gave it to the Shaggy Dog
(His hair was growing and could not be tamed)
The hair growth halted so the Green
Hair-Cutting Dog could stop
and his Secateurs could drop onto the research lab’s bluefloor
And I could pick them up

And use them on the Bunny’s box
Whereupon Scary Head popped up so high
That Pink Bunny could now hop hop
and knock the Honey Comb
Right in front of Bear
Who dropped small play equipment

Took Toy and gave it to
The pink Pilot Mouse who flew
Over where a rescue rope was lowered
To let the Blue Mouse climb on board
Took the Ball the Blue Mouse used
To play hopscotch on the two
Kittehs who seemed quite oblivious,
and the Ball morphed to a Transparent Round Plate.

I took the Plate to Research Lab
It caused a Ghost to startle Doctor Who
He dropped his Glasses on the Floor
So I could give them to
Uncle Combover who put them on and drank his Secret Brew.
He dropped the Strong Cork, too.

Gave Cork to Sniper Fox
Who then used it in his Glock
And then Time decreased and all the Cops
Used Hard Measures so the Crab would drop
The Girl Ape held in the air
At that moment Sniper sniped
But the Cork was light and didn’t work
Crab got mad and called the Coppers Jerks
The combat has begun…

Sniper end. Only one method. To be continued...

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